L&G Fabricators Inc.


Steel Fabricator

Create specialized products for your business

Experience custom items

Custom fabricated metal parts and products can be used to enhance a wide variety of industries and applications. Our fabrication services work with you, from coming up with a strong concept to bringing that concept into reality.

• Auto frames

• Plow frames

• Machinery parts

• Equipment stands

• Containers

Maintain the quality and integrity of your products

Getting lasting performance from your custom fabricated parts will likely require regular maintenance and repairs.


Our expert welders provide highly effective welding services to strengthen, maintain, and repair your parts. On-site services are available.

Polish your concept

The first step in creating your custom products is coming up with a concept. We will work with you to design your part and refine the concept, so your finished product meets your needs.

Call us today to discuss your custom needs.


Don't feel as though you have to settle for what is already available to you. Advance your business and your industry by creating your own custom products.

Experience the difference truly unique products and parts can make for your business.

Metal fabrication with precision

Precision and skill are crucial, whether you need several pieces of equipment made or a prototype of a concept drafted.


Plasma cutting enables us to cut a variety of metals to several thicknesses with exceptional control using a plasma torch.